Discover the Difference Between the Can-Am Spyder and Ryker motorcycles

Discover the Difference Between the Can-Am Spyder and Ryker motorcycles

If you’re in the market for a three-wheeled motorcycle, Can-Am Supplier offers some of the coolest rides in the game: two different cutting-edge models that have unique features and a thrilling riding experience. Picking the right trike for you depends on your budget, riding experience and preferences. 

If you want to learn more about the differences between Spyder and Ryker trikes, keep reading! Or feel free to visit Reno’s Powersports KC in Kansas City and shop all of our Can-Am trikes in person. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions and show off these awesome machines in person. 

Can-Am Trikes vs the Competition 

The industry standard for trikes is to place two wheels in the rear and one up front. However Can-Am takes a different approach to this, placing one wheel in the rear and two up front. This offers improved rider control and comfort. Not to mention the model design for Spyder and Ryker motorcycles have an aggressive stance. They look like they’re ready to take on the road and fly around corners. 

Furthermore,; another benefit of Can-Am trikes is their ability to be customized to the rider’s comfort. You’ll be able to change the foot pegs, brakes, handlebars, and more to get the perfect seating position. Not to mention that the suspension systems put into these trikes are on a whole new level. They take the best of motorcycle and automobile suspension, leaving you in a thrilling and comfortable ride. 

Ryker and Spyder

It’s easy at a glance to tell that the Ryker and Spyder are trikes made for a totally different experience. Each has their own perks and benefits, but in general the Ryker is designed more as an entrylevel trike while the Spyder is a vehicle for more advanced riders seeking faster thrills. We break down the key differences between them below. 

The Price
The new 2020 Ryker model starts at $8,499. This baseline trike is for casual riders who want budget-friendly thrills. 
The new 2020 Spyder F3 model starts at $15,999, while the Spyder RT model starts at $23,299. The Spyder trikes offer extra features that boost the comfort and quality of your ride. 

Engine Displacement 

The Ryker motorcycle runs on a Rotax ACE™ Engine, which offers great gas mileage and dependability. You can pump up your performance by choosing to spring for the 600 option or the even more powerful 900 option. 
The Spyder models boast a Rotax 1330 ACE Engine. With a triple-cylinder design, you’ll have optimized torque, quick acceleration and efficiency that delivers up to 252 miles per tank. 

The Style 
If you want to feel like you’re riding a new trike every time, the Ryker allows you to easily change out panels and switch up the aesthetic of your ride to match your mood.
The Spyder is a trike built in the fashion of a snowmobile, with a heavy frame and an aggressive riding position. 

Riding Experience
When you straddle a Ryker, you get a trike with an easy twist-and-go transmission that leaves you without having to shift gears. This makes handling easier and improves fuel efficiency. Plus the low center of gravity and power-to-weight ratio gives you a smooth and thrilling ride.
The Spyder models use an electronically-controlled power steering system to assist in handling. Plus the high-performance Brembo® Braking System, built by industry leaders in braking technology, will leave you in complete control of your ride. 
There are other perks and differences between Ryker and the Spyder three-wheelers. There are even big differences between certain models of each machine. For example, the Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition allows you to take your ride off the pavement and unleash your trike off-road. 

With so many great options to choose from when it comes to Can-Am trikes, we know there’s a model that’s perfect for you. If you’re tired of reading and looking at pictures of these sweet three-wheeled motorcycles, stop by our dealership! Reno’s Powersports KC is located in Kansas City, MO. We know we’ll be able to help you find the perfect trike for your riding needs. 

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